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Policy: Correcting Metadata in the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library

Excerpted from the IEEE Publication Services and Products Board (PSPB) Operations Manual, Section 8.1.10.

A. If an error is discovered within the metadata records for periodicals, conferences proceedings, standards, press books, educational courses, or multimedia files contained on IEEE Xplore, a request for correcting the error may be submitted to the Staff Executive – Publications. Requests shall identify the error, recommend an appropriate correction to the metadata, and provide a statement of justification for correcting the error. Acceptable requests include, but are not limited to, an author name is either missing from or spelled incorrectly; author affiliation is incorrect or missing; title of publication is incorrect; author order is incorrect; publication has missing text; publication has missing or incorrect graphics or figures; publication has an error in publication identifiers (DOI, ISSN or ISBN); and publication has been truncated or is missing pages. Such requests should be verifiable from comparing original submissions with the published work or the requester has provided sufficient documentation to justify the correction. Unacceptable requests are those that alter the author’s original intent of the article, or that involve a possible breach of publications policy.

B. The IEEE Executive Director has designated that the Staff Executive – Publications shall assign the investigation, confirmation, and correction of IEEE Xplore metadata to staff within the IEEE Publications department. Staff shall establish criteria and guidelines for correcting author metadata records in IEEE Xplore. Verification of errors shall include review and approval by the authoritative individual or body behind the publication record (such as the Editor-in-Chief, conference organizer, organizational unit, etc.). These criteria and guidelines, and changes thereto, shall be approved by PSPB before application.

C. If an error is confirmed using the established criteria and guidelines, staff shall modify the IEEE metadata record itself and add an annotation to the bibliographic view in IEEE Xplore to describe the correction for the user. The full-text document (e.g., PDF) associated to the metadata shall not be changed.

D. In the event a case cannot be resolved, the Vice President – Publication Services and Products, shall be the officer authorized to determine a resolution. The resolution shall be final and not subject to appeal.

E. Staff of the IEEE Publications department shall provide information at the last PSPB meeting of the calendar year summarizing actions taken during the immediate past 12 months.

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