Benefits of Publishing with IEEE

Where you publish matters. IEEE is a trusted source for researchers in academia, industry, and government. By publishing with IEEE, you will get the global prestige that high-quality research deserves.

Global Prestige

The IEEE Xplore® Digital Library offers visibility and discoverability for your research. After the IEEE conference, your paper will be published on IEEE Xplore. The premier source for technical content, IEEE Xplore has over 6 million documents and provides over 8 million downloads each month. IEEE is also the most cited publisher in US and European new technology patents—with over 3x more than any other publisher.  

Multiple Publishing Outlets

Your high-quality research has a home when you publish with IEEE. Choose the right venue for your work by selecting from 150+ journals and transactions, 40+ magazines, 2,000+ conferences, and 1,600+ print and electronic books.

Shared Mission

As an author, your mission is to publish your research in a high-quality publication to advance your scientific field. IEEE has a similar mission: to publish high-quality research that advances technology for the benefit of humanity.

As a not-for-profit organization, IEEE is focused on people. That means IEEE stands out from other scientific publishers in many ways, for example:

Publish with IEEE and join us in inspiring engineering solutions that make the world a better place.