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DefinitionsE-print: digital text of a research paper.Preprint: a form of e-print where an author posts a draft paper on theRead More

Finalize Your Paper

Once your paper is accepted, you may be asked to supply a final version. Follow these steps to ensure thatRead More

About Transferring Copyright to IEEE

You must transfer your paper’s copyright to IEEE before publication in the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library. Signing the IEEE CopyrightRead More

Prepare for Travel

IEEE expects authors to present their paper in person and answer attendee questions at the conference for it to beRead More

View Your Paper in IEEE Xplore®

After the conference concludes, the conference committee is responsible for sending accepted conference papers to IEEE to be considered forRead More

Share Your Data and Code

Increase the impact of your work by sharing your data and code for others to view, build upon, and reuse.Read More

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Now that your paper is published, spread the word to colleagues through activities such as: Email the paper link directlyRead More